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Frank Rousseau

CEO &Founder of CGWire Software Engineer Background Animation Lover

Paris, France

Customer Story: Makuta VFX Studio

Pete Draper, Makuta VFX Co-Founder, following their work on the RRR movie (one of the biggest blockbusters in India), accepted to share with us his experience of Kitsu. He told us how he took advantage of Kitsu to ship the production on time despite tight deadlines and unexpected covid lockdowns.

By Frank Rousseau
8 months ago

Our New Responsibilities

Recently, Ftrack, one of the main production trackers on the market, was acquired by a hedge fund name PSG. Until then, Ftrack was the biggest challenger of Shotgrid, the Autodesk tracking system. In some ways, it was our main competitor.

By Frank Rousseau
9 months ago