Build In Public: June 2024 Update

Welcome to our new update about the CGWire company and Kitsu! This post will teach you everything we did during the past three months.

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By Frank Rousseau

Welcome to our new update about the CGWire company and Kitsu! This post will teach you everything we did during the past three months.


1 - Cross-production statistics

We added the capability to check project progress from the project list page to facilitate the management of multiple projects.

2 - Day-off Management

Artists can now add their days off from their to-do list page. This is reflected in your schedules for better load management.

3 - Multiple Studios

You can now link people to different sites or studios. The main Kitsu pages can now be filtered for a given studio.

4 - Entity Chats

Running discussions around assets or shots right into Kitsu is now possible. You can have casual conversations without impacting the task status.

5 - Shared Filters

You can share your filters to make your team's onboarding easier. They will have prepared views on a project.


We added the capability to synchronize ongoing data between two different Kitsu instances. It required some additional configuration on the hosting infrastructure side. If you are interested in this kind of setup, let us know.


We participated in the Annecy MIFA event. We received positive feedback and met new leads for Kitsu hosting. We noticed that the industry is still super active, and everyone is doing their best to make it thrive again.


Our cash balance is in good shape. While the market seems to be recovering, we have expanded into new industries (video games, commercials) and continued working with several active 2D studios, such as Fost or Madlab.

To secure things further, we applied for and received two grants. They will allow us to keep adding features to Kitsu regularly while doing our sales and marketing efforts.


We made several ads in the main magazines distributed during the Annecy MIFA: Animation Magazine, European Animation Magazine, and Écran Total. The Annecy MIFA is one of the year's most important events, so we made sure to have the best coverage while having one of the major booths in the technology section.

On a different note, we decided to post our changelogs on Twitter/X. It's easier to follow news on this platform than on Canny.

Studios and productions

During the last 3 months, we have had several newcomers. It's exciting to see the project expanding in other areas than animation. Find the list below:

Pole Nord -
Creative Seeds -
Impossible Objects -
Factory Fifteen -
Remembers -
Atelier VFX -
Amopix -

To conclude

Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask any questions. During the upcoming months, we will work on the Vue 3 migration (underlying framework used by Kitsu) and advanced scheduling, among other upcoming features. Let us know if you have specific needs you would like to see addressed in Kitsu!

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