Build In Public: March 2024 Update

Welcome to our Quarter update about the CGWire company and Kitsu! In this post, you will learn everything we did during the past three months.

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By Frank Rousseau

Welcome to our new update about the CGWire company and Kitsu! In this post, you will learn everything we did during the past three months.


Recently, we noticed a surge of studios using Kitsu, with many projects running simultaneously instead of just a few big projects. That's why we added features that were more adapted to this case.

1 - Cross-production task list

You can now list tasks throughout the studio. It allows you to track the load and the progress of a whole department or a single person.

2 - Kanban view

For artists, it may be convenient to manage their tasks through a kanban view. It fits better with the agile culture, making things more user-friendly.

3 - Calendar view

To better understand their schedule, artists can now see all their tasks in a calendar. It's pretty convenient to see if some tasks overlap with others or personal duties.

4 - Single Entity page revamp

Asset, shot, sequence, and episode pages were a little bit messy. We made things clearer by showing all sections clearly and using the whole screen for each of them.

5 - Token script

Until this addition, scripters should connect via a user to the API. It's not convenient to do neutral automation. It's now possible to have an API token to connect to Kitsu, allowing the management of this access independently of a user.


We spent most of our time on strengthening our infrastructure by setting up more backups and automation. It will allow you to recover your installation faster depending on any issue that happens.


Past months were pretty quiet on our side from an event perspective. Our tech team went to FOSDEM to sharpen their skills. On the production side, we will be at FMX. If you pass by there, we would be glad to meet you! We will have the same booth near the food. You can't miss us :).


As usual, we updated our finance charts. You can check them via the dedicated URL below. The animation market is still pretty calm. It has impacted our revenue significantly. Fortunately, we were able to start working on a new feature film and a new TV series, and we onboarded many short film agencies. We are also making progress with mobile video game companies. So, we are on the path to finding growth again.


We will still publish detailed articles on our blog. We encourage you to read them to sharpen your production skills! We also did a technological watch of upcoming AI tooling.

Studios and productions

We were glad to welcome many newcomers. It's exciting to see the project expanding in other areas than animation. Find the list below:

Supercell -
Uniko -
Unagi -
Pixelblue -
Abduct Studios -
Illogic Studios -
Nikopicto -
Werlenmeyer -
Naive -
PluffyFX -
Signos -
Bus Group -
WarriorsVFX -

To conclude

Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask any questions. We will work on entity chats, project templating, and scheduling features, among other upcoming features. Let us know if you have specific needs you would like to see addressed in Kitsu!

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