Cube Creative Studio Sponsors Enhanced Playlists for Kitsu

Since the beginning of CGWire, most of the development we do is sponsored by CG studios. When a company wants to see some specific…

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By Frank Rousseau

Since the beginning of CGWire, most of the development we do is sponsored by CG studios. When a company wants to see some specific features in our software, they pay us to bring them on top of our roadmap. By doing this, they make the software progress faster in a way that suits their workflow. It makes the project more sustainable and allows us to add features that are really needed. This principle is part of the fundamentals of CGWire. That’s why, from now on, we would like to showcase the studios that help us in our mission!

Cube Creative Studio and Kitsu

Cube Creative is a renown French studio. Among many productions, they worked on qualitative TV shows like Kaeloo, Athléticus, Tangranimos. They are famous for their efficient production management team. Recently, they made the buzz by shifting their pipeline from 3dsMax to Blender, which allowed them to increase significantly their productivity and their quality.

For one of their TV Show, Cube Creative uses Kitsu to share their progress with their Producer and perform reviews with their Director. Reviewing was super efficient while dealing with assets. But with assets, most of the reviews happen one by one. And it was not enough for them to review their shots. That’s why, they needed new features to review their shot in a playlist. Improving the playlist module will allow them to ship their shots faster and grab better feedback from the Director.

Playlist Improvements

The improvements that will be shipped soon in playlists are:

  • Better transition between shots
  • Capability to comment and annotate shots directly from the playlist
  • Compare your playlist with the previous steps (layout, animation)

Playlists download

To ship their client faster, Cube asked us to allow to download the entire playlist as a single movie or as an archive containing all the shots from the playlist.

Production Live Feed

Because all of this will lead to much more events during the production, we’ll add a live feed that relates all the addition done in the current production. You will be able to filter it by task type or task status. You will be able to see only the last posted previews too.

To conclude, we would like to send a big thank you to Cube Creative for funding these new features! Thanks to them, it will be super easy to build review playlists and see what’s going on with the production. The overall quality of the TV shows tracked with CGWire will be improved!

Who sponsored CGWire so far?

Unit Image, Les Fées Spéciales, Karlab, TNZPV and NKI already ordered features to make Kitsu a better software. It’s important to us that you understand more who are our partners and how we want to improve studio pipelines. That’s why we cover every sponsoring on our blog!

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