The Top 9 Animation Blogs To Level Up Your Knowledge

In this blog post, we explore nine of the best animation blogs to help you broaden your horizons and become a better animator!

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By Gwénaëlle Dupré
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Reading blogs on animation might not sit right with you in 2023 when you have a plethora of Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts. But blogs are still a treasure trove of information that can provide both inside knowledge and industry overviews you shouldn't neglect.

Staying on top of the latest trends and techniques is important to stay relevant and competitive in the job market and keep your animation studio afloat. Unlike social media with a never-ending feed of content, blogs present more curated information by design: the key to success lies in diversifying your knowledge sources.

In this blog post, we explore nine of the best animation blogs to help you broaden your horizons and become a better animator. Feel free to reach out if you've got good blogs to add to the list!

Animation News

First, you need a place to get unbiased information on the latest industry developments: box office hits, animation productions in the work, market insights, etc. That's where news websites come in.

1. Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew is a platform dedicated to curating the most recent and relevant news in animation. From studio mergers to the latest animation techniques, you'll find it all here.

Why it's worth a read - Cartoon Brew has a team of experienced writers and insiders who offer in-depth analysis and exclusive insights into the animation industry. Their coverage is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Apart from Cartoon Brew, there are a few other noteworthy animation news sources you should consider:

  • CG Channel - for 3D animation enthusiasts
  • Animated Views
  • Animation World Network
  • Animation Magazine

For Beginners

If you're just starting your journey as an animator, there are blogs that cater specifically to your needs and interests: resources for exercises and tips to help you build your skills and monetize them.

2. I Want To Be An Animator

This blog is a goldmine for beginners: it provides exercises, tutorials, and insights to help you start your animation journey.

Though the blog hasn't been updated in 3 years, it still offers timeless advice you'll surely find useful.

Why it's worth a read - Chiara Porri is a professional character animator who shares her knowledge and experience on her blog. The lessons are personal yet anchored in the reality of the industry, making them easy to understand and apply in real-life scenarios.

Examples of blog posts:

3. Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor is an online animation school offering professional courses in 2D and 3D animation taught by industry experts working at major studios.

Why it's worth a read - The blog offers practical career advice and tips to help you become a better animator. It also features interviews with industry professionals working on big productions and students.

Examples of blog posts:

Learn from the Best

There are also blogs featuring the best in the industry sharing advice with fellow animators. They are not only a source of inspiration but also a way to learn inside knowledge on how to run animation productions more efficiently―from specific animation techniques to team management.

4. Concept Art Empire

Concept Art Empire features interviews with renowned artists in the animation industry but also more technical and career-oriented articles on concept art, 3D animation, and more.

Why it's worth a read - CAE is a great resource for animators to get inspiration, course reviews, and career advice from other animators.

Examples of blog posts:

5. Tom Sito

Tom Sito's blog is a treasure trove of animation history where you can discover the roots and evolution of animation as an art form.

Why it's worth a read - The first issue of Tom Sito's blog dates back to 2006, and he's been posting regularly ever since. A Professor of Cinematic Practice at USC's George Lucas School of Cinematic Arts, Tom Sito is a veteran animator who worked on productions such as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," "The Little Mermaid," and "The Lion King."

Tom's blogs follow a format where he lists historical events as he stumbles upon them in his researches, so you'll sometimes find random facts like "1931- Happy Birthday Alka Seltzer! The fizzy tablet was invented by chemist Maurice Treener for the Dr. Miles Medicine Company of Indiana.", but also interesting tidbits on animation history like "1988- The Walt Disney Company spun off a new production company named Hollywood Pictures. Like its sister Touchstone, it was created so Disney could release films with more mature subject matter like Mr. Holland’s Opus and The Sixth Sense." and "1953- Ex- Esquire magazine art director and frustrated cartoonist Hugh Hefner published the first issue of Playboy Magazine.".

6. John Kricfalusi

John Kricfalusi, known professionally as John K., is a retired Canadian illustrator, animator, and voice actor. He is best known for creating The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Why it's worth a read - John K wrote and curated old school, Western-style animation techniques and tips on his blog. He also shares his thoughts on the animation industry and its evolution.

Examples of blog posts:

7. Allan McKay

Allan McKay is a VFX supervisor and technical director running a podcast interviewing VFX animation experts and leaders. The blog lists the podcast episodes, including transcripts, show notes, and additional resources.

Why it's worth a read - Not only the interviews are highly relevant to 3D animators, but the guests are also next level, including VFX artists and directors on major Hollywood productions.

Examples of blog posts:

Friends of CGWire

Last but not least, we need to mention our friends. We publish ads on a regular basis on these platforms so we didn't dare to mention them first. Still, they are among the best resources for VFX and animation!

8. Animation Magazine

Similar to Cartoon Brew, Animation Magazine features the latest news of the animation industry.

Why it’s worth a read - Animation Magazine is available online but also in print, unlike Cartoon Brew so the information is curated. Just read the monthly release and get up to date with everything going on in the industry in one go!

Examples of blog posts:

9. Before and Afters

Befores & afters is an online magazine for VFX animators publishing case studies, technical insights, and podcast interviews.  

Why it’s worth a read - Ian Failes is a VFX artist with extensive experience writing for publications like fxguide, Cartoon Brew, VFX Voice, 3D Artist, or Rolling Stone. He’s also the author of Masters of FX and a podcast host at The VFX Notes. 

Examples of blog posts:

Bonus. Benjamin Cerbai

If you like podcasts, check out our friend Benjamin Cerbai’s. It's all in French, but if you can translate it in any way, it's an invaluable source of knowledge for anyone doing 2D animation! His YouTube channel is full of videos on any subject related to animation, from tutorials to in-depth artist interviews.


And that's a wrap: nine animation blogs we found interesting and worth a read to level up your animation skills and know-how of the industry. Remember that this list is non-exhaustive, and there are countless other valuable animation blogs out there. Feel free to reach out to suggest ideas!

No matter how experienced you are as an animator, it's essential to develop a set of habits to keep you informed―whether it's books, blogs, or social media channels. Blogs are getting less popular, but they still offer a curated source of information that can help you stay on top of the latest trends and techniques while reminding you of the basics and the rich history of the industry.

Don't forget to check out CGWire's blog for everything related to animation production: we cover topics like animation production management, CG pipelines, animation software and more. Until next time!

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