Gwenaelle Dupre joins CGWire as Product Manager

If you’ve been following our project you probably noticed that recently  CGWire made significant progress: productions tracked with our…

6 years ago   •   2 min read

By Frank Rousseau

Gwenaëlle Dupré joins CGWire as Product Manager

If you’ve been following our project you probably noticed that recently CGWire made significant progress: productions tracked with our products were successfully shipped, new clients have used the product and Kitsu is now TV Show ready. For all the reasons above, I felt comfortable enough to move on to the next step and expand the founding team.

When I worked with Unit Image on implementing the Zou API for their pipeline, I had the opportunity to work closely with the production team. Gwenaëlle was part of it. She was handling major productions like the trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2. I really enjoyed our interactions, especially when talking about studio process. Her insights were very helpful when we worked in improving the Unit Image pipeline.

It also allowed me to know more about her background. She worked for more than 10 years as production manager on many kinds of productions : 2D and CG TV shows, CG short movies and commercials (in studios like Marathon or Zodiak). She was involved in small and large teams. She also had the opportunity to work in Malaysia where she handled the entire technical aspects of this studio. Needless to say, her insights are valuable.

Months later, I heard she was looking for a new challenge in which she can use both her production skills and make a wise usage of software to manage a production.
At the same time it became obvious to me that the CGWire project required more than software development activity. Building good products require to spend time with users, to provide informative materials and make sure that the experience is smoother as possible. To get the best product possible, we needed someone dedicated to these aspects. That’s why I reached out Gwenaëlle to ask her if she would be ready to handle them.

When she saw what the software was already capable of, she understood the potential. She has always worked in CG to help studios build better movies. To her, joining a project like CGWire was the opportunity to help studios at a much larger scale. It resonated with what she wants to achieve. And the best point: she felt totally connected with the core values of the project: simplicity, craftmanship and collaboration. After some time of reflection the answer was obvious to her and she jumped into the boat!

As you can guess: today, I’m super happy to announce that Gwenaëlle is part of the CGWire project, as product manager and business partner! You might have already noticed her first delivery: Kitsu has now a clear documentation. And this is just the beginning of her many contributions. Feel free to send her an email if you have any questions about our solutions or production management!

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On her spare time, Gwenaëlle likes to paint Gundam figurines!

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