Build In Public: July 2023 Update

9 months ago   •   3 min read

By Frank Rousseau

Welcome to our new update about the CGWire company and Kitsu! In this post, you will learn all that we did during the past two months.


During these two months, we had to focus more on maintenance and some complex installations. Nevertheless, we were able to add a few key features to Kitsu.

1. Team Schedule

It's a long-awaited feature. Many studios want to be able to manage their team workload through the schedule. It's now possible to do it right from Kitsu. With the team schedule, you can see if someone is working on too many tasks at the same time or if they are available.
Some improvements will be added in the future like vacation displaying and assignation right from the schedule.

2. Improved Mentions

It's now possible to mention people in replies. So, if you want to make sure someone sees a specific comment you can ping them in the reply. In the same vein, you can mention a whole department. It's common that you need to tell a whole team that something special occurs on a key asset. Now it's easier than ever to do it with Kitsu.


We mainly worked on security strengthening. The most notable fact is that we improved our preview encryption and made it less memory-consuming.

On the R&D aspect, we did some experiments with GPU for our video processing. We had good results, so we expect to propose this as an option soon.


We had a blast at Annecy where our booth was crowded non-stop. It was really energizing to meet you all. We noticed too that more and more Shotgun users feel limited and would like to switch to Kitsu to improve their workflow. It was super satisfying to see that shift in the way Kitsu is perceived. Even better, the Crystal for best feature film was won by a movie tracked with Kitsu. This 2023 edition of the Annecy showed wonderful horizons for us.

The next event where will be able to meet will be the Cartoon Forum. Gwénaëlle will be there. Feel free to reach her and discuss upcoming productions with her!


As usual, we updated our finance charts, you can check them via the dedicated URL below. Our new sales got better and our customers were able to scale, so we had good subscription renewals.


About communication, we decided to focus on our blog where we started a Glossary about animation and VFX. We made it in the form of blog post series. We cover all the big thematic from our industry. Feel free to send us any suggestions!

Glossary - CGWire Blog
Best practices and tips to manage your animation production.

Studios and productions

We were glad to see several new studios starting with Kitsu. Among them, we had the opportunity to welcome Yuga Labs, the company behind the most famous NFT collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the CryptoPunks. Yuga Labs is disrupting the creative IPs space through its many activities: art, events, video games, and metaverses. We are proud to contribute to their success. For sure, we will learn a lot from this collaboration. It will be the opportunity too to make Kitsu even better.

Enimation -
Eddy Studio -
Orbit Animation -
Rabbit's Foot Studios -
Yuga Labs -

To conclude

Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask any questions. Among the upcoming features, we will work on token authentication and improving our team schedule. Let us know if you have specific needs you would like to see addressed in Kitsu!

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