Xilam Animation Sponsors New Features For Kitsu

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By Caroline Sun
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Since the beginning of CGWire, most of the development we do is sponsored by CG studios. When a company wants to see some specific features in our software, they pay us to bring them on top of our roadmap. By doing this, they make the software progress faster in a way that suits their workflow. It makes the project more sustainable and allows us to add features that are really needed. This principle is part of the fundamentals of CGWire. That’s why, from now on, we would like to highlight the studios that help us in our mission!

Xilam Animation and Kitsu

Xilam animation is a famous French studio. To quote some of their productions: Oggy et les carfards, les Zinzins de l’espace or Lucky Luke. They are working with Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Youtube. They do some feature films too. Among them the wonderful I Lost My Body.

They recently acquired Cube Creative, a studio which is providing the company the unique expertise in 3D and computer generated images (one of the best in the field). Xilam employs more than 500 individuals, including 400 artists all around the world.

When they started to work with Cube, they discovered Kitsu and how much it made the Cube team more productive. Naturally, they ran a first test with an upcoming TV show (I cannot disclose it). They were satisfied and decided to use it for other productions too. But when you manage many deadline sensitive productions, you need more tracking indicators. That’s why they decided to sponsor a few new features.

Retake statistics

They needed more details about the retake rate evolution of a TV show. So, we provided analytics that show for every steps what is the current retake rate. You can expand it too to see how fast you converge to this rate. So you know quickly which episode is out of budget. You can react faster and fix the problem before it becomes too big.

Improved News Feeds

Sometimes you need to know who did what and when. So we added:

  • A filter to get news for a given date range
  • A counter to show how many changes by status occured during the selected period

It will be much easier to get information about the progress of someone!

Sponsoring Kitsu

If you want to a specific feature in our software like Xilam, don’t hesitate to bring them to us. We’ll be more than happy to improve Kitsu for you.

To conclude, we would like to send a big thank you to Xilam for funding these new features! Thanks to them, it will be super easy to anticpate problems. You wil have no more bad surprises with Kitsu!

Who sponsored CGWire so far?

Unit Image, Les Fées Spéciales, Karlab, Cube, TNZPV and many more already ordered features to make Kitsu a better software. It’s important to us that you understand more who are our partners and how we want to improve studio pipelines. That’s why we cover every sponsoring on our blog!

This blog is dedicated to CG Production Management and CG Pipeline. We propose a Discord server where you can discuss your own problems/solutions and learn from others. Join us, TDs and Production Managers from all over the world will be super happy to welcome you!

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