NKI studio sponsors LDAP integration for Kitsu

Since the beginning of CGWire, most of the development we do is sponsored by CG studios. When a company wants to see some specific features…

5 years ago   •   2 min read

By Frank Rousseau

Since the beginning of CGWire, most of the development we do is sponsored by CG studios. When a company wants to see some specific features in our software, they pay us to bring them on top of our roadmap. By doing this, they make the software progress faster in a way that suits their workflow. It makes the project more sustainable and allows us to add only features that are really needed. This principle is part of the fundamentals of CGWire. That’s why, from now on, we would like to showcase the studios that help us in our mission!

NKI Studio and Kitsu

Recently, NKI, a renowned VFX studio located in France, Paris, ordered us LDAP integration for its local installation. NKI is a studio famous for is TV advertisings like the ones for Nissan, Cartier or Givenchy. They are a team of 20 on average. They provide their client with high-quality pictures.

They use Kitsu to track their shot fabrication. Our local installation allows them to keep a high level of confidentiality while taking advantage of fast network performance. To make sure that it integrates properly with their existing tools (asset manager, chat room), they needed to synchronize their Kitsu userbase with their ActiveDirectory instance.

LDAP integration

Because ActiveDirectory is compatible with the LDAP protocol, we decided to implement LDAP support into the Kitsu API. The result is that they can now import all the persons listed in their ActiveDirectory into Kitsu. And when authentication occurred, Kitsu API refers to the ActiveDirectory server to validate the credentials. That way it is not needed that CG artists create a new account. They can reuse the same credentials that they use for the other tools of the company.

To conclude, we would like to send a big thank you to NKI for funding this new feature! Thanks to them, local installation of Kitsu can now be plugged to the main user directory. That way it ensures a better integration with all of the studio tools. We are super glad to know it will help them to ship better productions!

Who sponsored CGWire so far?

Unit Image, Les Fées Spéciales, Karlab, TNZPV and Cube Creative already ordered features to make Kitsu a better software. It’s important to us that you understand more about our partners and how we want to improve studio pipelines.

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