Job Position: Lead Software Engineer

About CGWire

CGWire aims at improving animation movie quality through enhanced collaboration. We develop open-source solutions to dispatch tasks among artist teams and to facilitate the review of the deliveries. With our tools, everyone works in better condition and communicates more efficiently.

Aside from that, we organize events and produce content to allow people from the industry to share best practices together.

We already work with 40 studios and schools all over the world. Our customers won many awards and had a lot of success with their productions.

CGWire is a bootstrapped company, we don't look for investors because we prefer growing at a slow pace.


Our software

We build Kitsu, an open-source web application based on Flask, Vue.js, and Postgres. It is deployed on our own hosting infrastructure or directly on studio servers. The tool has run in production for years. There is still a lot to do but the application has a decent level of maturity.

We want to extend our solution with a desktop application dedicated to artists that will link Digital Content Creation tools (Blender, Maya, Unreal) to Kitsu. It will allow to gather artists' tasks and to publish the related delivery to the platform easily. We will discuss the architecture but currently, the main idea is to build an Electron application and setup Python agents in artist tools to connect them with the main web app.

On top of it, we propose hosting services mainly managed with Terraform and Ansible on Ubuntu servers.

Overall, we propose a full web app that can be deployed on our cloud or on the studio servers. It can be managed through a Javascript frontend or a Python client and soon from a Desktop application.

Repositories (frontend) (backend) (python client)

What you will do

You will be the lead developer of our solution:

  • You will be responsible for the whole stack of our software, maintain the current application and improve its performance.
  • We collaborate with contractors who build new features. You will work with them to integrate their code into our stack.
  • Aside from that, the new desktop application will be our main focus for the upcoming year. It's a strategic addition to our platform, so we have a lot of expectation about it.
  • Overall, expect to work on a wide range of technical subjects. we are a small company and we have a lot of room for improvements in every aspect.
  • Depending on your seniority and interests, we can narrow down the responsibilities to a single subject (examples: doing backend development only or focus on our new desktop application).
  • The role can evolve to the CTO position depending on the growth of the company and your will.

Working environment

  • Company values: simplicity, collaboration, craftmanship
  • Team of 3 (4 with you!)
  • 1 day a week dedicated to technological watch
  • Weekly sprints
  • Weekly release
  • 100% Remote
  • 95% of your code will be open source
  • Salary: 40-70k € / year (French Salary) + Equities
  • Full-Time Position
  • Open company:

What we expect from you

  • You are at ease with Python and Javascript
  • You are ok to work on the whole stack of our application
  • You have at least one significant experience in software development (job, master degree, or strong FOSS contribution)
  • You like 2D and 3D animation
  • You have a good opinion of Free and Open-Source Software
  • You like clean code
  • You learn by yourself
  • You are ok to interact with our community


If you are interested, please contact Frank directly. Send him your resume (or similar) and a few lines about why you are interested in this position!

Frank Rousseau -

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